A story about a creative, curious, and exuberant young girl who has big plans and an even bigger heart.

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Can We Actually Make a Difference?

Celeste Ng shares how current events shaped her process as she dealt with her own uncertainties about the future

RBC x Havenly: Make Room for Book Joy

Introducing Reading Room by Reese’s Book Club x Havenly, a place where your shelf goals can come to life.


The Electricity of a Dream on the Verge of Being Realized

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton on the inspiration behind On the Rooftop and writing a story she hopes carries readers elsewhere

Our Rosé is Here, Here

Grab your glasses and TBR pile and open your next story with our new Reese’s Book Club x SIMI Winery Rosé.


Do I Want Children?

Gillian McAllister on the decision of having children and exploring parenthood through writing over the years

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Reading Room x Havenly

Our collection of homey finds with Havenly is designed to help you make room for even more book joy. Discover how to turn your shelf care dreams into a Reading room reality.

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