Mika comes of age and learns important lessons from the people who raise her.

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The Complete List of Reese's Book Club Picks

Reese Witherspoon has been recommending her favorite books to readers through Reese's Book Club since 2017. Here is a full list of all Reese's Picks.

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Writing the Stories of the Unknowns Stitched Between the Knowns

DéLana R.A Dameron on filling in the fiction between the stories everyone knows and everyone tells through Redwood Court

Which Daisy Jones & The Six Character Are You?

Listen up! It’s almost time to hit the stage. But is the spotlight on you, or are you pulling the strings backstage? 

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What If I Made the Main Character Morally Gray?

For me, a good plot twist is what makes a great thriller and I wanted to make this new idea as twisty as I could; a roller coaster ride that was both nerve-wracking and thrilling.

Reese's Book Club Annual Book Report

Let's look back on all we did together in 2023!

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What's Your Reading Vibe?

Are you hoping to read something salty, cheesy, or sweet? Don't worry, we've got you covered - with Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP snack recs to match.

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All proceeds from books you purchase in our app, items you buy from our shop, and initiatives we do with our partners go to The Readership – our pay-it-forward program diving deeper to advance literacy.

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Reading Room x Havenly

Our collection of homey finds with Havenly is designed to help you make room for even more book joy. Discover how to turn your shelf care dreams into a Reading room reality.

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We’ve teamed up with Google to make it easier than ever to connect with our stories and Reese. Just say “HeyGoogle, read with Reese’s Book Club” to your speaker, display or phone to get started.

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Lavazza Partnership

But first…books and coffee. As the official coffee of Reese’s Book Club, Lavazza helps you savor every page. Discover the bold character of this bestseller brew during special moments on Reese’s Book Club.

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Buick In-Vehicle App

We’re going places with Buick. Our partnership introduces the exclusive Reese’s Book Club in-vehicle app, so you can take your favorite picks and podcasts with you on your next adventure.

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