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Get your TBR list out! Our Reese’s Book Club authors have new releases on the horizon

Dec 29, 2021

The year might be winding down to a close but there's so much to look forward to—including four new releases on the horizon from Reese's Book Club authors. This winter, whether you're looking for chills to match the weather or warm and fuzzies to keep you feeling cozy, there's plenty of stories to disappear into.

Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky December 28, 2021

The Short Story: An inspirational guide to set new personal goals, rediscover your interests, cultivate creativity, and reclaim your Unicorn Space.

Adds to TBR because…this will set the tone for the new year and we all deserve time to reclaim creativity in our busy lives.

When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord January 4, 2022

The Short Story: Millie is looking for her birth mother—all while dreaming big about becoming a Broadway star and maybe, just maybe, falling for her drama club rival.

Adds to TBR because…you want to be grinning cheek to cheek while reading a big-hearted novel about falling in love, making a mess, and learning to let go.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley February 22, 2022

The Short Story: Jess heads to Paris to crash at her brother’s that’s really much nicer than she was expecting...but he’s nowhere to be found.

Adds to TBR because…you’re looking for a jaunt to Paris where there’s a beautiful but sinister apartment, a missing resident, and a web of secrets.

The Retreat by Sarah Pearse March 1, 2022

The Short Story: Most are here to recharge and refresh. But someone's here for revenge on this stunning island getaway.

Adds to TBR because... we’re ready for detective Elin Warner’s second outing where she works to uncover the truth behind suspicious deaths.

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