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Reese's Book Club

Wait - so what is Reese’s Book Club?
I’m in! How do I join? And at what cost?
I follow Reese’s Book Club on social. Am I already a member?
Do I have to download the app to be part of the club?

The Help Desk: The Readership

What is The Readership and how does it relate to Reese’s Book Club?
What types of organizations and programs will we be supporting?
Let’s Talk Dollars. How much of your proceeds will go towards The Readership?
Excited? Us too.

The Gift of Reading Box

What is The Gift of Reading Box?
Do I get to choose what’s in the box?
What if I want to add another book to my box?
How does the Gift of Reading Box support The Readership?
Can I just make a donation?
Do you offer free shipping?
How long does it take before my box ships?
Where do you ship?
What’s your return policy?
How do I know if I won a prize? How do I redeem it?
I have another issue or question, who can I talk to?

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