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The Road to Love

Curtis discusses what is ultimately holding Sally back in finding love.

Apr 1, 2023

Sometimes readers remark to me on how varied the topics and settings of my novels and short stories are—awkward prep school students, first ladies in the White House, and now a comedy writer and the pop singer she falls in love with—but actually (as Sally Milz might say), I see most of my fiction as united by a common dynamic: I like creating intelligent characters who, despite their intelligence, are often wrong in how they perceive themselves and the world.

In Romantic Comedy, Sally is right that there’s a pattern at the show where she works, and in life, of no one batting an eye when ordinary men “date up” but the reverse rarely happens for ordinary women. But she’s wrong—wonderfully, thrillingly wrong—that the specific (gorgeous and awesome) celebrity who is Noah wouldn’t be into her. He definitely is. And most of the plot of Romantic Comedy consists of her figuring that out and learning to accept it.

I hope that Romantic Comedy inspires readers to consider how we get in our own way, whether in finding love or in other areas such as jobs, friendships, or family. Although we might even know exactly what we want, the distance from where we are now to our desired outcome can feel so great that it’s not worth trying. But is this accurate? Or is there a small way to start moving toward what we know we want? I love the idea of being surprised in good rather than bad ways, and I love thinking about how we can all pleasantly surprise ourselves.

If you’re someone who wouldn’t mind finding a Noah of your own, I suggest pinpointing which of his qualities are most attractive to you and then thinking about if anyone already in your life possesses them. If not, well, it’s a big world out there—and your Noah might also be looking for you. As it happens, I love a good story and I really love a romance, so if you find your person, please reach out and let me know. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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