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Uncovered: 25 Holiday Gifts for the Modern Book Lover

A Reese’s Book Club curation of our top favorites from comfy & cozy finds to the perfect book club hosting items to everything you need for a little shelf-care.

Nov 16, 2022

It's that time of the year again and the age-old question comes around: What do you get the book lover in your life?

The obvious answer is, of course, more books (a book lover can never have enough!) but let us turn your attention to all the things that can help *enhance* a book lover's reading experience. From gifts that help create the coziest reading environment to presents that mean you'll never have to be without a book again, we've rounded up our favorite things with the Reese's Book Club stamp of approval that'll make any modern book lover's eyes light up with excitement.

1. The Gift of Reading Box

Wondering what to get the book lover in your life? Treat them to one of this year's Gift of Reading genre boxes—romance, thriller, beach read, self-care—and bundle it up with the Reese's Book Club pick of your choice. It's about time they read that book you've recommended for months!


2. Neck Reading Light

Raise your hand if you like to read in bed! We have to admit that our lamps just aren't bright enough sometimes so what's the solution? The Neck Reading Light. This is our go-to if you share a room and want to read while others are trying to sleep—just bright enough to light up the pages of a book without being distracting. Win/win.


3. Personalized Word Search Pillow

As book lovers, we are undoubtedly also word people so it was love at first sight when we came across this pillow. The best part is you can customize it with the words of your choice to be hidden within the jumble of letters. Use it to plug in an inside joke with your loved one and watch their delight as they search to find it!


4. Book Club Candle

Is it really a gift guide for book lovers if there's no candle on the list? We love this one from Homesick. There's something about the Book Club scent that makes us nostalgic and think of rainy days, curled up reading on the couch with a cup of coffee and the coziest blanket. Light it up, please!


5. Throw Blanket

The perfect reading room will not be perfect until you have a cozy blanket to snuggle up under as you crack open a book, cup of tea in hand. We love this one from Havenly—it's cozy, chic, matches virtually any space, and practically demands that you curl up underneath it. We can hear it's siren call now.


6. Pajama Set

For the comfiest and coziest reading experience, we have to talk about what we're reading *in*. We love this sustainable set from Stripe & Stare that was recommended to us by Clea + Joanna of The Home Edit (use promo code THE20 for 20% off). The color is joyful, the material is oh-so-soft, and we are happy to confirm that it lives up to the hype!


7. Silk Pillowcase Set

Those of you who love to read right before bed will be obsessed, we promise. These luxurious silk pillowcases have not only proven to be good for acne-prone skin and to reduce hair frizz, but we have never had a better sleep than when we're resting on these pillowcases.


8. Lip Sleeping Mask

We're all about self-care during me-time! Before getting into bed with a book, you can bet we have our nightly routine on lock and this lip mask from Laneige is definitely in rotation. Perfect hydration for those of us who gasp wayyyyy too much at plot twists while reading thrillers.


9. Sherpa Slippers

Keep your feet warm and snug in these comfy slippers...they're perfect for shuffling back and forth from the couch and bookshelf. We also love this mint color—it matches our November Book Club Pick and you know we're all about cover coordination.


10. Book Club Journal

2022 is winding down but with 2023 on the horizon, we're already prepping for next year's reading goals. Goodreads is great but there's nothing like whipping out a pen and putting down your thoughts on paper. Enter: The Book Club Journal—an aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of what you read and the discussions you have with friends.


11. Wall Calendar

Speaking of 2023, jazz up any workspace and get excited for the new year with this beautiful wall calendar from Rifle Paper Co.! It's a great way to keep tabs on new book releases 😉, birthdays, important events, travel days, and deadlines. Plus, we love the illustrated floral details.


12. Blue Light Glasses

These are a great gift for your loved ones who are always working on their computers, reading on e-readers or have been complaining about headaches recently. Not only are these glasses super cute, but they will make their days better, their eyes feel less tired, and will make it easier for them to read for as long as they want, without the risk of migraines. We're big fans.


13. Book Ends

Bookshelves are an absolute must-have in every book lover's home, and these stunning marble book ends are a stylish way to take those shelves from cluttered to elegant. The brass inlay adds a subtle shine, and they will make it that much easier to style shelves and bring some dimension to your decor.


14. Walking Pad

The under-the-desk treadmill bears no introduction but let us give yet another reason why this is definitely something worth investing in. Picture this: you're the modern-day Belle reading while place. That's right, you can get your steps in while reading without worrying about bumping into anything!


15. Leggings

Nothing (and we mean nothing) beats a really, really, cozy pair of leggings, especially if they're as stylish as these ones from Alo Yoga. They're perfect for working from home, reading while walking on a treadmill, or cozying up on the couch with a good book!


16. Beats Fit Pro

We are obsessed with these earbuds! They're wireless and noise canceling, promise up to 8 hours of listening time between charges, and are perfect for those midday Zoom meetings and listening to our audiobooks when we're out on the go.


17. Pullover Sweatshirt

You know that one item in your closet you always reach for? This one is ours. Whether we're headed to the bookstore to pick up a new read or hanging around out at home, this simple, sleek, and soft sweatshirt is the go-to.


18. Excursion Bag

If you're a light packer and always on the move, we found the perfect grab bag for you. Surprisingly spacious (and extremely cute), this bag can fit all your must-haves...including your phone and/or ereader so you'll always have a book on you. In line while running errands? No problem! You've got something to read that's only a zip away.


19. Weekender Bag

Booked all weekend? Check out this travel bag from BEIS—a female-founded brand by actress Shay Mitchell. The weekender is super roomy and super sturdy so while we wouldn't straight up tell you to bring ALL your books with you on could definitely fit a stack or two so pack it up, pack it in!


20. Kindle Paperwhite

We all know someone (it's me, hi, I'm the problem) who always packs 8 books for a 5-day trip. Give the gift of suitcase space with the Kindle Paperwhite. With an adjustable warm light, a 10-week battery life, and the potential to hold thousands of titles, a book lover will be able to carry their whole library with them in their carry-on!


21. Marble Monogram Serving Board

Meet the perfect gift for the ultimate book club hostess. We love to gift items with a personal touch to them, and this marble monogram serving board is sure to make appearances at all future book club gatherings from here on out (filled with delicious cheeses, crackers, etc., of course!).


22. Wine & Champagne Chiller

Keep your bottle of bubbly perfectly cold for hours on end with this vacuum-insulated wine chiller! It's the perfect gift for the wine-lover in your life who loves to wrap up her day with a warm bath, a good book, and a glass of wine in hand.


23. Electric Tea Kettle

A good book and a warm cup of tea go together perfectly, ask any bookworm. This beautiful electric tea kettle promises to add a pop of color to the kitchen (we love the silt green!), and a well-balanced, hot cuppa'. We love thoughtful and useful gifts that can be used daily!


24. The Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ Tumbler

You've likely seen this tumbler all over the internet and we're here to confirm that TikTok has it right! We are obsessed—the variety in colors, the amount it can hold (40oz!), the way it keeps our drinks at the perfect temperature, etc. We love keeping it by our bedside for midnight gulps of water, and for staying hydrated throughout the day.


25. Let's Get Closer: Conversation Starter Game

Last but not least, we have to highlight one of our favorite games! This conversation-starting game is a great icebreaker and way to build bonds with fellow book clubbers, friends, significant others, family members, and the list goes on. Let's get wordy with it.


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